Youtube Star Cr1TiKaL beats MrBeast in a 1vs1 $100k Poker Match

Youtube stars and influencers Cr1TiKaL who is also known as Charles White Jr and MrBeast aka Jimmy Donaldson playing 1vs1 poker match with $50,000 each. This game session was streamed on and this poker game is available on youtube on Cr1TiKal’s channel called penguinz0.

This matchup was streamed from basic room and was played for around 2h. This poker game are different from others that have been played with such a high stakes. Main things that are different that these guys have fun there and lot of times play the game without even checking the cards. The matchup was won by Cr1TiKaL and he got MrBeast’s 50k stack. Funny thing that few days before this poker matchup MrBeast defeated internet personality Ludwig Ahgren in another 1vs1 poker matchup streamed on twitch. Ludwig is one of the most popular twitch personalities and become most subscribed person on twitch after hes subathon where he live streamed for 31 days straight or 716 hours in total.