UK Streamers Might Will Not Be Able To Live Stream Gambling

United Kingdom casino streamers under risk as UKGC updates licence conditions.

The new conditions under UKGC state that online gambling advertising must be with age check. In other words you need to be able to detect each people from audience that get your gambling advertise. We know that twitch is failing with this and that means just that UK gambling streamers will need to leave twitch platform. 

Otherwise there are alternative for them and its Youtube. Youtube  has option that it allows registered users to verify their age and  that means it still will be available to advertise onling gambling from UK since audience will be only 18+. 

If we take a closer look these changes will not make big impact since streamers can easily change their location and move for different country to stream from. Since there already are many casino streamers that are streaming from Malta.

Gambling streaming is one of the main reasons why gambling industry gets more and more regulated, feeling like its on some spots over regulated. There are lot of people that thinks that gambling streaming marketing is in really aggressive form. Some of them think that it show gambling in too sweet sauce. To get on top of streaming platforms lot of streamers have raised their stakes just to out stake others and with this there are many streamers that play with insane bets that make viewers to maybe try bets that they can not even afford.

The interesting things that is worth to mentioned is that some of UK streamers check the statistics and the viewers that are under age 17 is lowers than 1%. And this make a question why these regulations need to step in. These changes again are changes that are not even really to get to target they are aiming.

The things that we need to look now is will UKGC gonna really make these changes and will UK streamers gonna leave twitch or they gonna leave UK and move for Malta for example to stream without prohibitation.