Volatile itself in slots simply means how big or small risk it have. It is telling how often and how big wins you can wait from a specific slot game. There are games that can give you small wins really often with the feeling that it is happening each spin, meanwhile there are slot games that can spin without a win for more spins in a row and then pay higher wins. High Volatility slots will mostly be for players who love to risk more and don't want to get small wins. High volatility slots give players even with small stakes the chance to win really great wins.

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What Does Volatility Mean in Slot games?

In Slot games Volatility means how often payouts will be made, how big the amount it pays, and how risky the slot is. In few works, High Volatility slot will mean High risk slot and a Low Volatility slot will mean Low risk slot. There are players who likes to play the higher amount of time and they are fine with small profits too - in this scenario Low Volatility slots will fit great. On the other hand, there are players who like to risk more and they better win huge or lose the money faster since the frequency of payouts is lower for High Volatility Slots.

Difference Between High Volatility and Low Volatility Slots

The difference between these two Slot game volatility categories are pretty simple. High Volatility slots have high payouts and low hit frequency while Low Volatility slots have low payouts and high hit frequency. Meaning High Volatility slots have higher risk that can have higher reward and vice versa.

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