What is RTP?

OnlineCasinoGod will provide you with all necesery information that you need to understand what is return to player and how it works in online casinos.

RTP explained

If you are slots player or you have watched gambling live streams on twitch or youtube then you have probably heard the term RTP already. There are lot of players that still dont know what RTP means, so OnlineCasinoGod will explain you everything you need to know about RTP or also known as return to player.

RTP also known as Return To Player is the amount a slot machine pays back to the players over a really large number of spins, mostly showed as a percentage. For example, if a slot machine have 96% RTP rate then if your stake is €1 and you do 100 spins in avarage you should end up with €96. But you need to keep in mind that its avarage, one guy will get €100 and other will lose it.

Firstly it is really important for you to understand that this RTP percent is calculated based on a huge number of spins like more than millions. This give you a chance to hit anything huge in couple of spins and other guy maybe will have cold session on same slot machine. And this is what makes slot really exciting because you only need one spin to hit really huge.