Bonus hunt

Slot Bonus Hunt

There are two type of slot games: 1. That have bonus feature; 2. That don’t have bonus feature. Almost all players who play slots with bonus features hope to trigger bonus and win big on that. These days almost all slot games have bonus feature and it are fantastically created with wonderful gameplay. The best thing in slot bonus features are that lot of games have insane potential to hit crazy big wins and this give a player fantastic feeling when the bonus is triggered because you never know which from many bonuses can hit that huge multiplayer win.  

There are even more intensive and interesting stuff to do with slots and it's called bonus hunt.  

Rather than just playing one slot game and trying to get bonus and immediately play it, in bonus hunt player try to trigger bonus and when it's done close the game and move to the next slot. Repeat this until you have spent the amount of money you were planning or you have collected enough bonuses that you wanted. When you have completed your bonus hunt you just simply go to first game and open the bonuses one after another and feel the great feeling. 

Logically it doesn’t change anything since each bonus would end up paying whatever it wanted to pay, but we need to keep in mind bonus hunt is all about to get extra fun while playing slots. It is like a challenge for yourself to see how many bonuses can you get with exact amount of money and after that how the bonus hunt will end. How many of bonus features will pay huge and other way.  

The best thing in bonus hunt is that when you are done with hunting for bonuses, you have now super intense thing waiting for you – opening bonuses one after another. Rather than watching all the dead spins, it is one bonus feature after another and there are chance that all bonuses can hit big wins. To break even after bonus hunt most of the times you don’t need to hit big wins on all bonuses. Mostly if lot of games going to pay big you will end the bonus opening with really nice profit.

Are Bonus Hunts allowed in all casinos?

If you have seen bonus hunt before you should not take that you can do it on every casino and on every slot game. Mostly online casinos are fine with bonus hunt but you need to double check online casino terms and conditions or contact live support to understand if it safe to do bonus hunt.

If you are using raw money then mostly you are on safe side and don’t need to be scared about losing your money because of forfeit. But if you are using bonus money you need to check it again on casinos terms and conditions to be safe and secure.

What is Bonus Hunt?

Bonus Hunt is a pretty new concept for those who don’t watch Twitch and YouTube casino streamers. Bonus hunt have been made back in 2016. Streaming is a process of watching a video provided it right now or other words – live. Twitch and YouTube are among the most popular streaming platforms. People who are live streaming their video are called streamers. Bonus hunt is a process where player play slot until he gets bonus feature but instead of opening it now, he closes it and keep collecting bonuses. When player have spent money, he planned to spent on bonus hunt or get exact number of bonuses he wanted to collect he starts to open bonuses on slot games one after another.

How Does A Bonus Hunt Work?

Doing Bonus Hunt is easy:

Bonus Hunt Opening are easy:

If we speak about casino live stream then bonus hunts most of the time starts with announcement when it will happen. Viewers most of the time are available to guess outcome to receive channel points that most of the time can be used at stream store to get just from free spins and bonuses on casino till electronic devices.

A Guide to the Bonus Hunt

It’s not fully clear who was the creator of bonus hunt in public room but it started on some casino streams.

Bonus hunt fast became really popular because of the new way of fun while playing slots. It is really fun for viewers because they can pick which games to play and guess the outcome of bonus amount and balance after bonus hunt opening. Some streamers give out 10% of profits from bonus hunt for lucky winner.

For player who don’t know on which casino should they do bonus hunt they can easily check OnlineCasinoGod best online casino bonuses.

Bonus Hunt Conclusion

In this description you find out information about one of the most exciting way how to play online slot games. OnlineCasinoGod guaranteed you that one of the exciting ways how to play online slots are Bonus Hunt.  Most of the online casino streamers practice Bonus Hunt as it attracts many spectators and gives loads of excitement.

Keep in mind to be careful and read terms and conditions or contact live support is it allowed on exact online casino to do bonus hunt.