You are tired to wait to get bonus and base game spins is not fun to you? There are a fantastic solution for you and its is called bonus buy on slot games. On 2017 the bonus buy or feature buy option was invented and came to slot players. The first game that had bonus buy feature on it was White Rabbit slot game that is created by Big Time Gaming. Big Time Gaming have trademark on Feature Drop™ and this Bonus Buy option is now used in lot of slot games across multiple Game Providers. If we take a bit outside of Bonus Buy Feature and speak about White Rabbit slot game, then we can see that on that slot game another fantastic feature was invented and its called "token collection". You can randomly on each spin lands a coin symbol that will lower the price for Bonus Buy giving you chance to get Bonus Buy Feature for free if you keep playing slot for longer time.

Lot of people can agree that Bonus Buy Feature was something that solved few things that other don't like in online slots. For example, there are few online slot games where you can spend more than a hundred spins or even couple of hundred spins and still don't trigger a bonus feature, while playing base game that you don't actually enjoy. Lot of players play slot games with bonus feature and all they do is wait to bonus round drop. This Bonus Buy Feature option works fantastic for players like these. Even on the first check it looks like that great thing and there are no bad sides of Bonus Buy Feature it got banned on United Kingdom. The arguments that mostly was told why Bonus Buy Feature need to get banned is that players can lose big amount of money in super short amount of time and that can cause higher loses. OnlineCasinoGod have collected Best Online Slots with Bonus Buy Feature on this page where you are able to read review and play demo mode to test if you like this slot game or not.

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What Are Bonus Buy Slots?

Bonus Buy Feature let players to get bonus round by paying for that exact amount of money depending on bet/stake. This means player don't need to wait until bonus will hit randomly. On some games bonus can cost 50x of your stake/bet and on other slot games it can be 150x. This depends how hard it is to get bonus feature on that slot game. Some players love Bonus Buy Feature because they don't need to spend time in base game to trigger bonus round, but other mostly don't use Bonus Buy Feature, because they have a feeling that with base game you have a chance to hit Bonus Round without spending that much money like when you are buying it. Its pretty sure that its even to get bonus when you buy them and when you try to get them randomly. Mostly if you don't buy it then sometimes you trigger it after you have spent more than the cost of buying it and otherwise.

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